Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Childernswear Trends - Spring/Summer 2013

As I've said before, I'm working on launching a childrenswear line by the end of this month. In the spirit of this new venture I'm jumping into, I decided to research the kids clothing trends for the Spring 2013. I found two in particular that really sparked my interest and has assisted me in the designing process.

Sweet Dreams

Kid's clothing for this Spring will be dedicated to the freedom of childhood. Letting your imagination run wild and there is no need for anything to make sense. Silly prints, random scattering patterns, and plain ol' childish enjoyments like lollipops and ice cream all harmonize in this sweet, playful trend. Personally, I adore this soon to be craze. I always treat life like Peter Pan, I never want to grow up. Not to mention, I love candy prints.

Twisted Carnival

Ambrosial Victorian circus artistry inspires this trend and taps into children's ability to appreciate all things awkward and wonderful. For small children, character inspiration in the form of circus animals doing tricks keeps this trend light-hearted. Trapeze artists, cute clowns, and ringmasters also emphasize this story as a toy and game inspiration. I, myself, am really delighted in this trend. I have been inspired by the circus in some of my womenswear in previous years and would love to bring it to my childernswear line.

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