Day of the Dead

This Krazy Kat ( a.k.a. Me) has decided to post in my blog for other psychotic earthlings in the world, whenever I am able to. And for this, I have chosen a theme for each day. Check back to comment, listen, read, or just for pure nightmarish entertainment for any day that might interest you.

Monster Music Monday: Playlists, Interviews, Concerts, Bands, etc.
Thrashin' Trends Tuesday: Trend Reports, Runway Fashion, Street Fashion, Handmade Fashion, Etc
What's Happening Wednesday: An Update of New Stuff in Poofhawk Land
Tutorial Thursday: Crafty Tutorials 
Frightening Free Stuff Friday: Handmade Giveaways
Shivering Showtime Saturday:  Horror Movies, TV Shows, Plays, etc.
Scream Anything Sunday:  A Random, I Will Post Whatever I Feel Like, Day

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