Monday, November 19, 2012

Psycho Dudes' and Dames' 100 Track Playlist

For this Monster Music Monday, I have put together a wicked 100 track playlist for all you Psycho Dudes and Dames out there. Whether your on a 20 hour road-trip or just hosting a frightening party, these tracks will serve your craving for Psychobilly, Rockabilly, and Horror-Punk Tunes.
  1. "Hard Headed Woman"- Elvis Presley (Cause of course you start with the King)
  2. "Creatures of the Night"- The Creepshow 
  3. "Midnight Shift"- Buddy Holly
  4. "Baddest of the Bad"- Reverend Horton Heat
  5. "Reptile Queen"- Demented are Go
  6. "Graveyard Tree"- Koffin Kats
  7. "Fishnet Stockings"- Stray Cats
  8. "Gates of Heaven"- Batmobile
  9. "Pink Peg Slacks"- Eddie Cochran 
  10. "Voices of the Dead"- Calabrese
  11. "I Feel so Bad"- Elvis Presley 
  12. "Just Love Me"- Guana Bats
  13. "Ghouls"- Horrorpops
  14. "Tongue Tied Jill"-  Charlie Feathers
  15. "The Mad Daddy"- The Cramps
  16. "Let's Ride"- The Matadors
  17. "Psycho for your Love"- The Meteors 
  18. "Crazy Legs"- Gene Vincent 
  19. "Nocturnal"- Tiger Army
  20. "Dead End Crew"- Zombie Ghost Train
  21. "Little Sister"- Elvis Presley
  22. "Buried Alive"- Mad Sin
  23. "Love Always Charlie"- 7 Shot Screamers
  24. "Time to Die"- Fletch Cadillac 
  25. "No Sympathy"- Hellbillys 
  26. "Mean Mean Man"- Wanda Jackson
  27. "I'm Old ( But I Used to be Young)- Klingonz 
  28. "Sick Soul"- Hellfreaks
  29. "These Chains"- Torment
  30. "Through the Night"- Mad Heads
  31. "(Your the) Devil in Disguise- Elvis Presley
  32. "Ride Danny Ride"- Nekromantix
  33. "Baby What you Want"- P.O.X.
  34. "Just Fakes"- Pitmen
  35. "Deadly Love"- The Chop Tops
  36. "Heart-Breakin' Mama"- Eddie Cochran
  37. "Fat, Ugly, and Useless"- The Ripmen
  38. "Angels to Some"- The Silver Shine
  39. "Hot Rod Burnin' "- The Young Werewolves 
  40. "Night of the living Dead"- The Misfits
  41. "Edge of Reality"- Elvis Presley 
  42. "My Love For Evermore"- The Hillbilly Moon Explosion 
  43. "Down That Line"- The Leopards
  44. "The Girl Who Was Born Without a Face"- Schoolyard Heroes 
  45. "Dead in Hollywood"- Murderdolls 
  46. "Bride of a Monster"- Kitty in a Casket
  47. "I See Red"- Frenzy
  48. "Sweet Dreams"- The Krewmen
  49. "Evil Dead"- Sick City Daggers
  50. "Easy Money"- The Caravans 
  51. "Clean up Your own Backyard"- Elvis Presley 
  52. "Let's Wreck"- Coffin Nails
  53. "Dead Girls Don't Say No"- Coffin Draggers
  54. "Drink with the Living Dead"- Ghoultown
  55. "Right to Death"- The Radiacs
  56. "Race with the Devil"- Gene Vincent
  57. "Run for your Life"- The Creepshow
  58. "Bad Reputation"- Reverend Horton Heat
  59. "One Sharp Knife"- Demented are Go
  60. "The Way of the Road"- Koffin Kats
  61. "Look at that Cadillac"- Stray Cats
  62. "Dead ( I Want Them When They are Dead)"- Batmobile
  63. "Don't Come Back Knockin' "- Buddy Holly
  64. "Come Alive"- Calabrese
  65. "King Rat"- Guana Bats
  66. "Freaks in Uniforms"- Horrorpops
  67. "Bikini Girls with Machine Guns"- The Cramps
  68. "Black Roses"- The Matadors
  69. "Psycho Kat"- The Meteors
  70. "When the Night Comes Down"- Tiger Army
  71. "Steamroller Blues"- Elvis Presely
  72. "Graveyard Queen"- Zombie Ghost Train
  73. "Mad Filthy Undead"- Mad Sin
  74. "Liquor Store"- 7 Shot Screamers
  75. "Dragstrip Girl"- Hellbillys
  76. "Fujiyama Mama"- Wanda Jackson
  77. "Werewolf Boogie"- Klingonz
  78. "Horrorshow"- Hellfreaks
  79. "Psyclops Carnival"- Torment
  80. "Black Cat"- Mad Heads
  81. "Who Killed the Cheerleader"- Nekromantix 
  82. "Little Red Riding Hood"- P.O.X.
  83. "Isn't It Fun"- Pitmen
  84. "My Curse"- The Chop Tops
  85. "Brain in a Plastic Bag"- The Ripmen
  86. "Saint or Sinner"- The Silver Shine
  87. "Guns,Guns,Guns"- The Youngs Werewolves
  88. "Walk Among Us"- The Misfits
  89. "Chick Habit"- The Hillbilly Moon Explosion
  90. "Cemetery Girls"- Schoolyard Heroes
  91. "Undead Men"- Kitty in a Casket  
  92. "Nightmares"- Frenzy
  93. "Plague of the Dead"- The Krewmen
  94. "Dead for Dinner"- Sick City Daggers
  95. "Cruel World"-The Caravans
  96. "Forbidden Love"- Coffin Nails
  97. "Sorry for your Loss"- Coffin Draggers
  98. "Werewolves on Wheels"- Ghoultown
  99. "Al' Capone"- The Radiacs  
  100. "King of the Whole Wide World"- Elvis Presely (Cause of course, you end with the King as well)

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