Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evil Dead Remake Movie Review

Poofhawk Rating 1-10: 9 (above satisfactory thrill ride with a dash of greatness)

I admit, when I heard that Sam Raimi's cult classic movie Evil Dead was being remade, I died a little inside. The Evil Dead horror franchise is one of my favorites of all time. But after a while of hearing about it, some time before its release, I started to get a bit curious and excited. The original Evil Dead was an excellent film that was created on a very low budget. So, having it remade on a higher budget made me intrigued.

Evil Dead the remake was written and directed by Fede Alvarez. Fede Alvarez is an Uruguayan filmmaker, which before this movie, only directed short films. One of his short films called Ataque de P├ínico! was released on YouTube in 2009 and became instantly popular. Because of the popularity of this film, Alvarez made a deal with Ghost House Pictures to direct a $30–$40 million sci-fi film. However, his first project with Ghost House ended up being directing the Evil Dead remake.

Fede Alvarez really made Evil Dead his own work of art. Some many people hold the original so dear to their heart that it is a very difficult movie to remake without stepping on any of the old fans toes. But, in my opinion, Alvarez was significantly smart in the writing of the script, as well as, the way it was directed. He took some elements of the earlier film, and changed it in a tasteful way. For example, there was still three girls and two guys (two in which are still siblings), but the character's personalities, names, and profiles were very much unrelated to the original. This was a clever change because characters such as Ash, are irreplaceable. 

Evil Dead the remake does stick closely to the original story line, however, Alvarez decided to provide us with more of a back story and insight to the Necronomicon (the book of the dead). I felt this addition to this horror classic was unexpected and abundantly imaginative. Also, this movie was filled with the right homages to Sam Raimi's masterpiece, in which if it was without, it would not be worthy enough to have the same title.

And the my favorite element of this film was teeming with gore...

colossal amounts of blood...

and more frickin' gore!

Since the Saw movies, I haven't seen a movie in some time that is drastically blood soaking and graphic. Fede Alvarez did not repress any explicit havoc in this motion picture. You will cringe, tremble, and maybe feel a bit uneasy and nauseated by the amazing blood, guts, and gore. Where some films might turn the camera away, Evil Dead the remake, shows you EVERYTHING! 

In conclusion, Evil Dead the remake is an above satisfactory thrill ride with a dash of greatness. Of course it is nearly as fantastic as the original, but still worth a trip to the theaters. This is a film that I could watch over and over again and still be captivated by it's boldness.

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