Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Band T-Shirt Reconstructed Designs in Poofhawk's Future

Because Spring is not so far away, I've been designing products made from lightweight knits. Originally, I had a true love of using very thick and non traditional fabrics for my designs, but I realized that I myself, wear more garments made out of a knit fabric rather than a woven. And knits such as jersey, french terry, and even interlock, are extremely comfortable for the hotter weather.

So, over the past few weeks I've been patternmaking some designs made for knits. Some of these designs, I soon come to realize, would be great for band t-shirt reconstruction! Some people just like to use tailor's chalk and cut their patterns right from a t-shirt for reconstruction, I'm a little different. Even though, I do use that technique every once and a while, I more or less enjoy actually drafting a pattern first, than using said pattern to cut out pieces from the t-shirt. For example, I recently did a tutorial on how to make a heavy metal halter from a men's t-shirt that can be found HERE.

Anyways, because of my new love, I do plan on listing some band t-shirts reconstructed designs in the future, of my favorite band such as these (and many more):

If there are any bands you would like to see some dresses or halter tops made with, please let me know in the comment box below!!

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