Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why Do Movies About Real Serial Killers Always Suck?

I've come to believe that truth is scarier then fiction. Unless, you try to make a low budget film based on the real horrific events. I have been on a serial killer kick lately, for a little thrill, because scary movies aren't really frightening me anymore. And I got excited when I saw that Netflix had a few films based on these bastards.

However, my excitement quickly ceased right after I watched the movie Dahmer that came out in 2002 and was staring Jeffery Renner. I find that Jeffery Dahmer was one of the most interesting and sick serial killers. Especially because his methods of killing and his constant compulsion caused him to have sex with his victims after death, as well as, cannibalizing them. This film showed more of the shy and antisocial side of Dahmer. Which is fine, but the lack of gore was disappointing. Not to mention, the way the movie goes back and forth from his early life and his later life would be confusing didn't know the actual story of Jefferey Dahmer.

But even with Dahmer being a bust, I also watched Bundy, which was also released in 2002. Of course, this film was portraying the serial killer Ted Bundy. I felt this movie was horribly made, inaccurate, and just plain crappy! The lack of showing Ted Bundy's double life and deceivingly charming character was a real letdown. 

Lastly, I took a stab at Ed Gein that was released in 2000. I would have to say, this one was better than the others, but still terrible. You would think that this crazed man, who's story has spawned the creation of movies like Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, would make a terrifying true story flick. The execution of the story was boring and once again, lacked real gore.

Now Dahmer, Bundy, and Ed Gein aren't the only movies streaming on Netflix that are about real life serial killers, but I had to stop watching these monstrosities. Because frankly, reading about the real life events of these serial killers scared me more then watching the films portraying them. These movies took away my nightmares and that is just unacceptable. 

Now the other serial killer movies that are streaming on Netflix are: Gacy, The Snowtown Murders, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and Albert Fish, but I'm warning you, don't waste your time. Watch a documentary instead.

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