Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mama Movie Review

Poofhawk Rating 1-10: 7 (great to watch at least once)

 I finally was able to go see the movie Mama, and as promised, I'm going to provide you guys with my personal review of the movie! Mama is a Spanish-Canadian horror film co-written and directed by Andres Muschietti, and the film is produced by J. Miles Dale and Barbara Muschietti, with Guillermo del Toro serving as executive producer. Apparently, this movie was based on Muschietti's 2008 Spanish-language short film of the same name.

The basic synopsis of Mama is two young girls were left alone in the forest and were able to survive for 5 years before they were discovered. After they were found, and spent about 3 months in a mental facility, their Uncle Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel are granted custody of the children. The couple, being not really that financially stable, agree to live in a house provided by the girls therapist, as a research study. Soon after living with the couple, it seems these girls might of not survived by themselves in nature, and the being who have helped them, might have followed them.   

Even with this film basically being a  ghost story filled with a significant amount of horror cliches (frightening noises, cabin in the woods, mold on the walls,children in touch with the supernatural,etc), the storyline and outcomes throughout the movie were very unique, but timid. Mama isn't excessively scary, but is a very suspenseful flick and has a creepy factor that will keep you on your toes. It isn't just the fear of the unknown, but the children themselves were immensely disturbing.  

As for an artistic approach, Guillermo del Toro worked is normal magic as far as filming style and graphics. The actors, including the children, were absolutely wonderful and their performances really made this film. With that said, as intriguing as Mama was, it was quite "forgettable" as cinema is concerned. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the mysterious aspect and the dark approach of the movie, but it's not a flick I desire to see more then maybe few times. 

In conclusion, Mama deserves to be seen at least once, and I would even say is worth paying for in theaters.  The grim manner and fascinating thrill that Mama produces really benefits the viewer. However, it probably isn't a flick you would long to see repeatedly.

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  1. Agreed, it was fine for one watch, but nothing that anyone would need to see again, unless said one is a child actor connoisseur. It seriously has maybe the best child acting I've ever seen.