Monday, February 25, 2013

Dexter Makes me Tingle in my Girly Parts

I know I'm way late to the punch on this, I mean the show Dexter has been out since 2006. But truthfully, I had only started watching the show only a few weeks ago after suggestions of so many friends. After the first season I thought to myself, " Why have I not watched this before? It's amazing!!". 

I have always been into criminology and serial killers, and if you have been reading my blog, you probably already figured that out. Dexter takes you into the mind of a serial killer and a "psychopath" and plays on different theories on the psychopathic disorder. But Dexter Morgan is no ordinary serial killer, he has a code of ethics with his killings. He only attacks murderers of the innocent.

Similar to the move Boondock Saints, Dexter gives you a character that is basically "ridding the world of evil", but with bit of a twist. Unlike Conner and Murphy MacManus, Dexter Morgan doesn't have any religious beliefs and doesn't kill for the soul premise extinguishing evil from his city. He does it because he has an actual desire to kill. He kills to feed his addiction to the act. That the fact he only murderers murderers, makes him feel his deadly activity is justified.

Dexter Morgan is carrying out his own form of capital punishment, and if you are like me, you support execution of murderers. However, you have to realize this character is still a very sick individual and a monster. No matter how much we want to like him, he still a a sadistic man. Identical to real life serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jefferey Dahmer, Dexter keeps mementos of his kills. The deed makes him feel powerful, and feeds his dark appetite. However, unlike most serial killers, it does not give him sexual pleasure. Dexter also demonstrates typical traits of a psychopath: antisocial, shallow emotions, and lack of fear. Which was traits that Jeffery Dahmer himself had.

Michael C. Hall plays the part of Dexter, which I was most excited about because I was a big fan of the show Six Feet Under. However, instead of a pale, skinny gay guy, Hall personifies a tan, handsome killer. I have to say, Hall does a phenomenal job capturing the essence of a serial killer. And the weird thing is, while watching the show, he makes me tingle in my girly parts. Which seems so disturbing since the person he portrays is a monstrous killer. And believe me, I am not a hybristophiliac, which if you don't know what that is, Google it, and prepared to be repulsed. Unless you are one, of course.

In conclusion, Dexter easily has become one of my favorite shows of all time. In my opinion, it is the best crime television show I have seen since CSI: Las Vegas. If you haven't seen it by now, your truly missing out!!

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