Saturday, December 8, 2012

5 Horror/Thriller Films Coming Soon in 2013

Even with the END OF THE WORLD hype, it's nice to know that some script writers and film directors have some common sense. Here are 5 promising looking horror/thriller films coming out in 2013:

1. Evil Dead 

The Evil Dead franchise is by far, my favorite of all horror franchises. I usually would puke at the thought of a remake of one of my favorite horror films, but it is being directed by Bruce Campbell himself. And lets face it, most of the newer horror films that have come out if the past years, have been a bust. It seems by watching the trailer that they are wrapping Evil Dead 1 and 2 in one big fat horrific, gory, and enticing burrito. I'm surprisingly excited for it's release in April.

2. Warm Bodies

I wouldn't exactly call this a "horror film" but it does involve zombies. Warm Bodies seems to be more of a dark romantic comedy. Basically the world is infected with zombies, and the movie is narrated by one. This said zombie begins to fall in love with a girl who is still alive. This infatuation apparently starts to "warm" his body, or slowly brings him back to life. It's an unique and very different concept when it comes to zombie movies, and I look forward to watching it this coming February.

3. Mama

The trailer for this movie actually gave me chills. Which of course, made me really enthusiastic! Mama is about a couple named Annabel and Lucas that are faced with the challenge of raising Lucas' young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years.... but it appears that they weren't really alone. This movie is supposed to come out in January! Only a month away!

4. Dark Skies

From watching the trailer for of this movie, it reminds me of The Amityville Horror mixed with The Fourth Kind. This supernatural thriller tells a story of a family that live in the suburbs. Their peaceful home soon changes with a series of disturbing events. They then determine that a deadly force is after them. This movie appears to be just like other horror films before it, but could be mildly entertaining. It's suppose to premiere this February.

5. World War Z

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the T.V. show The Walking Dead, but a part of me misses the crazy fast, bloodcurdling zombies we all have come to love in films like Dawn of the Dead or Resident Evil. World War Z revolves around a U.N. employee that travels the world to prevent on outbreak of a cataclysmic zombie pandemic. This movie looks like an epic, action filled, zombie extravaganza! Look for it in your theaters in June!

I look forward to watching all these films! And you can count on a review on each of them in future posts!

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